Union Square Ventures raises $428.8 mln for new core, opportunity funds

Union Square Ventures has raised $428.8 million for two new funds, including a new core venture capital fund and an opportunity fund, according to filings with the SEC. The firm also is raising an opportunity investors fund.

USV 2019 collected $190.6 million from 113 LPs, one of the filings shows. The fund had a first close on Dec. 14, and the filing lists partners Fred Wilson, Albert Wenger, Andrew Weissman, Rebecca Kaden and John Buttrick, but not Brad Burnham.

USV Opportunity 2019 raised $238. 2 million from 116 LPs, a second filing shows. The date of the first close was also Dec. 14 and the partner list is the same.

USV Opportunity Investors 2019 has set out to raise $11.3 million and did not report a first close.

The filing for USV 2019 is here; the filing for the opportunity fund is here; and the filing for the opportunity investors fund is here.