Valley Entrepreneur Gurbaksh Chahal on “Oprah” Wednesday

Sure, sure, we know you wouldn’t be caught dead watching “Oprah.” But let’s just say you wind up working from home tomorrow, you’re alone, and while fixing yourself a delicious cheese sandwich, you happen to turn on the television and stumble across the show’s opening credits. If you’re interested in seeing one of the most distinctive success stories to emerge from Silicon Valley in the last year or so, have a seat and settle in as Oprah interviews Gurbaksh Chahal, the 26-year-old founder of ad network BlueLithium and, more recently, the ecommerce startup gWallet.

It’s easy to mock “G” as Chahal refers to himself.  Chahal, who sold BlueLithium to Yahoo last year for $300 million, drives an ostentatious white Bentley, lives like a king in a $7 million gold-appointed San Francisco penthouse that he calls the “G Spot,” and is shockingly unambiguous when it comes to admiring his own good looks — so the six frosted portraits at his Website strongly suggest. He’s an audacious dose of L.A. in liberal yet conservative Northern California.

As it happens, Chahal, who will discussing with Oprah his rags-to-riches memoir, The Dream, is also really likable and makes for mesmerizing TV, as you can see in this CNBC clip from earlier this year.