Velocity Blog Picks Up Steam

People start blogs about the Silicon Valley tech scene every day, but the Forbes Velocity Blog is particularly notable because it’s written by one of the best journalists in Silicon Valley.

Brian Caulfield is a relentless reporter and skillful writer and the blog effort he spearheads is an important strategic addition to the Forbes family of publications. Outside of the Midas List and Brian’s coverage of the computer and gaming industry, Forbes has been surprisingly weak in its coverage of such a key part of the global wealth generation equation.

The Velocity Blog promises compelling stories, anecdotes, opinions and insights into the relentless churn of innovation, creation and commercialization that happens each day in Silicon Valley.

The best thing about the blog is the populist bent to Caulfield’s writing: he writes the sort of stories that you want to read rather than rehashing press releases or regurgitating facts on meaningless product launches. Instead of telling you that the Panasonic Toughbook is built to last, Caulfield actually fed it to a tiger before shooting it with a handgun to test the company’s durability claims.

Most of the blogs I read in 2004 were great because they came at stories from a unique angle—you really felt that you were getting something you couldn’t get anyplace else from someone with experience and perspective. But half a decade later, most blogs have devolved into the same noise, clutter and confusion that regularly afflict the mainstream media.

Velocity is different. It reminds me of the best of blogs and I’m adding it my daily reading. Check it out for yourself.