Virtual office Teamflow grabs $3.9m seed

Teamflow, a virtual office, has secured $3.9 million in seed funding.

Teamflow, a virtual office, has secured $3.9 million in seed funding. Menlo Ventures led the round.


January 6, 2020] Today, Teamflow emerged from stealth as the first all-in-one virtual office to help remote teams collaborate, have fun and build culture using a spatial interface that taps into deep human instincts for social interactions.

Teamflow users can see themselves and their colleagues in a video bubble on a virtual floor plan. They can move it around, and spatial audio lets them hear people near them — as you would in-person.

“It can be very awkward, even exhausting to be a fully remote company,” says Rafael Sanches, co-founder and CEO at Anycart. “Before Teamflow people, especially new hires, felt shy to ping co-workers on Slack just to schedule a Zoom call to introduce themselves. On Teamflow, you see someone’s face right next to you, in the same space, and it’s very easy to say ‘hi.’ For some of our employees, it wasn’t until we started using Teamflow that they met some of their teammates for the first time — and that’s with a team of only 25!”

Research reveals both the permanence of remote work and its significant shortcomings. A survey of 3,500 remote workers reveals their top struggles: collaboration and loneliness. And with 82% of business leaders letting employees continue to work from home, it’s clear remote is here to stay — and we need better solutions.

“Remote work is missing the joy, energy and fluidity of in-person interactions,” said Florent Crivello, founder and CEO of Teamflow. “But there’s more to a virtual office than spontaneity — it needs to improve serious, scheduled meetings too.”

Teamflow bridges the chasm that has grown since the workforce shifted. On one side sit dry, impersonal tools filling up our workdays, leading to isolation and fatigue. The other side is immersive games that facilitate social interactions, but don’t look professional.

Teamflow makes remote work better than the office:
Spatiality: Teamflow taps into a deep human instinct for space. It encourages people to hang out together and normalizes informal, unplanned encounters, allowing fun and unexpected moments to happen. See image here.
App integrations: Teamflow lets you open links to your favorite apps like Figma, Trello or Google Docs, right where your meeting is happening. This brings everything in one place and eliminates the need to open and switch between multiple tabs. See image here.
Persistence: Just like a physical office, Teamflow is persistent — the documents you open in one room will still be there the next time you join. But unlike a physical office, Teamflow gives you unlimited real estate. This means that you can have one room for each of your projects, with all the apps and documents pertaining to it together in one place. See image here.

The $3.9 Million in seed funding is led by Menlo Ventures. Other investors include Abstract, Elad Gil and Ron Conway’s SV Angel. Teamflow will use the funding to grow its team and build its product.

“We view remote as a transformational shift in the way we work, and think Teamflow has the potential to become a core platform in the modern software stack,” said Naomi Ionita, partner at Menlo Ventures. “It offers the presence and spontaneity people miss from the office while providing a robust collaboration suite.”

Availability and Pricing:
You can sign up on our waitlist here, which we are rapidly rolling out in the next few weeks. 30-Day free trials will be available with subscriptions starting at $15 a month with an annual commitment. Full pricing details can be found here.

About Teamflow:
Teamflow, a virtual office, is the connective tissue between individuals, teams and collaboration applications. It is built for improving productivity and culture in the remote work era. Learn more about Teamflow: