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Voyat nets $1.8 mln seed funds

Voyat, a CRM platform for hotels that is launching out of beta, said Tuesday that it has raised $1.8 million in seed funding. The investors included Metamorphic Ventures, Eniac Ventures, BoxGroup and Brett Crosby, co-founder of Google Analytics.


NEW YORK — July 29, 2014 at 7:30 AM ET — Voyat (, the smart customer relationship management (CRM) platform customized for hotels, announces today that it is launching out of beta with $1.8 million in seed funding led by Metamorphic Ventures, Eniac Ventures, BoxGroup as well as various strategic angel investors, including Brett Crosby, co-founder of Google Analytics. The company introduces the first two products from the Voyat platform: V-CRM and V-Direct, which will provide hotels with guest analytics and business intelligence gathered from a wide network of potential and actual hotel guest information. Voyat has piloted with leading hospitality brands and is entering the space in partnership with Morgans Hotel Group, The New York Palace, and W Hotels.

“Voyat is completely reinventing the way hotels interact with their guests,” explains Benjamin Habbel, Voyat co-founder and CEO who previously served as Marissa Mayer’s Chief of Staff at Google. “Hospitality is an age-old industry, and the Voyat platform serves to replace outdated practices with regards to guest loyalty, direct bookings bookings and CRM data collection. By giving every hotel easy access to contextual discovery and machine learning technology, we are streamlining and modernizing a vital component of the industry through the cloud.”

“At Metamorphic Ventures, we are constantly seeking forward-thinking, groundbreaking opportunities – Voyat is exactly that,” notes David Hirsch of Metamorphic Ventures. “The Voyat team has the experience, the know-how, and the passion to shake things up, and we’re beyond excited to see the way Voyat pushes the hospitality industry.”

Voyat’s platform and products can be seamlessly integrated into every hotel’s website, on-property Wifi, concierge applications or existing/legacy data storage systems. As guests sign onto the hotel’s Wifi or website using a social network profile such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+ or even email, Voyat automatically creates a smart interactive profile for guests that consists of a wide variety of metrics. V-CRM has increased the marketable guest audience that way up to 500% for its beta clients.

“Voyat takes a radically new approach at guest analytics and we’re excited to partner with such an innovative technology company to increase guest engagement and revenues for Morgans Hotel Group,” says Gustaf Burman, CTO at Morgans Hotel Group.

Complementing this is V-Direct, which allows hotel staff to offer custom services, discounts or offers that meet the guests loyalty level and individual preferences to ultimately increase direct bookings. V-Direct enables hotels to both communicate in a highly targeted manner, and increase conversion rates across acquisition channels as a result.

How V-CRM works:
Data collection via WiFi Integration: enables social authentication, manages data profiles, redirects to the hotels’ individual landing page
Ability to analyze each audience: traffic of how many guests are at each property, guest demographics and behavior of what they are interested in, insights into what guests are buying and key trends across each property to see what is changing over time
Allows hotels to identify the most loyal and valuable guest: Voyat algorithmically identifies key guest attributes, tags each guest with a loyalty score, and makes CRM interactive and actionable for hotel managers

How V-Direct works:
Allows hotel to communicate one on one: hotels can increase guests engagement directly by sending targeted email campaigns or social notifications to guests in real time.

Promote services & offers in real time: V-Direct promotes the right services, to the right guests, at the right time – to increase revenue per available room.
With V-CRM and V-Direct, Voyat connects a large range of data sources to drive guest personalization and re-targeting opportunities, and provides powerful analytics to help increase revenue and customer satisfaction.

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About Voyat

Founded in 2012 by Benjamin Habbel and Bob Lund, Voyat is a revolutionary social customer relationship management platform that reinvents the way hotels interact with guests. The platform collects, structures and uses guest data to increase booking conversions across marketing channels to drive up sales and build lasting customer relationships. The platform also provides powerful data analytics and business intelligence, permitting hotels to open new revenue opportunities and improve customer satisfaction on property