Where are they now? Social Capital

We followed up with some of Social Capital's former partners to find out what came of the executives who left the firm.

Like marriages and rock bands, venture partnerships begin with talk of “forever” but often end in divorce. Even financial success isn’t enough to keep some firms together.

Such is the case with Social Capital, which was founded in 2011 by former Facebook Vice President Chamath Palihapitiya along with two former partners from U.S. Venture Partners: Mamoon Hamid and Ted Maidenberg. The firm raised more than $1.8 billion over five funds and backed a number of hot startups, including Yammer (bought by Microsoft), Imperium (bought by Google) and Slack Technologies (NYSE: WORK). Social Capital itself was such a hot property that Kleiner Perkins reportedly tried to acquire it in 2015.

The first fracture in the founding  team came in August 2017 when Hamid quit to join Kleiner Perkins. Ten months later, Maidenberg left to launch Tribe Capital, where he was joined by Social Capital Partners Jonathan Hsu and Arjun Sethi.

Around the time Maidenberg left, Palihapitiya announced that the firm was changing direction and that two executives who had been hired with fanfare a year earlier would take on reduced roles: Vice Chairman Marc Mezvinsky and Growth Investing CEO Tony Bates. Both soon left the firm.

Within three months, in September 2018, Palihapitiya declared on Medium that the firm was “no longer accepting new outside capital” and by the end of that year would “become a technology holding company that will invest a multibillion dollar balance sheet of internal capital only.”

Departures continued. At its height, Social Capital employed a team of 80 people, but that number declined to about 30 as of June, according to TechCrunch.

It is a testament to Social Capital’s hiring prowess that virtually all its former partners landed firmly on their feet. Most recently, former Partner Kristin Baker Spohn joined CRV as a venture partner. Her time at Social Capital was brief — just nine months — but it was long enough for the onetime business operator to confirm her calling as an investor. And for that she’s thankful. At the same time, the experience taught her to take her time before joining another firm. She spent about four months talking to CRV before accepting the firm’s offer.

Read on to find out what Social Capital’s other ex-partners are up to.

Anderson, former Social Capital partner

Carl Anderson

Title: Founder and CIO
Firm: Marcho Partners, technology hedge fund
Time period: 2018-present
Previously: Partner, Social Capital, 2016-2018


Bates, former Social Capital CEO

Tony Bates

Title: CEO
Firm: Genesys, maker of call center software
Time period: May 2019-present
Previously: CEO, Growth, Social Capital, May 2017-July 2018.


Ashley Carroll, former Social Capital partner

Ashley Carroll

Title: Interim Chief Product Officer/VP of Product
Firm: Various companies
Time period: 2019-present
Previously: General Partner, Social Capital, 2015-2018


Duvvuru, former Social Capital partner

Sakya Duvvuru

Title: Founder
Firm: Nellore Capital Management
Time period: January 2019-present
Previously: Partner, Social Capital, January 2016-October 2018


Ghaffary, former Social Capital general partner

Mike Ghaffary

Title: General Partner
Firm: Canvas Ventures
Time period: March 2019-present
Previously: General Partner, Social Capital, August 2017-September 2018


Gill, former Social Capital investment team member

Tejinder Gill

Title: Principal
Firm: Collaborative Fund
Time period: September 2018-present
Previously: Investment Team member, Social Capital, January 2018-September 2018


Mamoon Hamid, Social Capital co-founder

Mamoon Hamid

Title: Partner
Firm: Kleiner Perkins
Time period: August 2017-present
Previously: Co-founder and General Partner, Social Capital, October 2011-August 2017


Hsu, former Social Capital partner

Jonathan Hsu

Title: Co-Founder and General Partner
Firm: Tribe Capital
Time period: June 2018-present
Previously: Partner and Senior VP of Quantitative Investing and Data Science, Social Capital, June 2014-June 2018


Maidenberg, Social Capital co-founder

Ted Maidenberg

Title: Co-Founder and General Partner
Firm: Tribe Capital
Time period: July 2018-present
Previously: Co-Founder and General Partner, Social Capital, October 2011-June 2018


Mayer, former Social Capital partner

Ashley Mayer

Title: Head of Communications
Firm: Glossier, maker of beauty products
Time period: November 2018-present
Previously: Partner and VP of Marketing, Social Capital, December 2015-September 2018


Mezvinsky, former Social Capital vice chairman
Mezvinsky. Photo by Chwagen – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0 

Marc Mezvinsky

Title: Managing Director (working on TPG Tech Adjacencies fund), according to WSJ
Firm: TPG
Time period: Summer 2019-present
Previously: Vice Chairman, Social Capital, May 2017-June 2018


Nelson, former Social Capital partner

Adam Nelson

Title: Partner
Firm: FirstMark Capital
Time period: July 2019-present
Previously: Partner, Social Capital, December 2016-October 2018


Sethi, former Social Capital partner

Arjun Sethi

Title: Co-Founder and Partner
Firm: Tribe Capital
Time period: June 2018-present
Previously: Partner, Social Capital, February 2016-July 2018


Spohn, former Social Capital partner

Kristin Baker Spohn

Title: Venture Partner
Firm: CRV
Time period: July 2019-present
Previously: Partner, Social Capital, December 2017-September 2018


Venkatachalam, former Social Capital partner

Sandhya Venkatachalam

Title: Founder and Managing Partner
Firm: Deep Ventures
Time period: February 2019-present
Previously: General Partner and Co-Head of Growth Fund, Social Capital, August 2017-May 2019