WOCstar Fund secures investment from Southbox Entertainment CEO

Jon Gosier, founder and CEO of Southbox Entertainment, has made an investment in WOCstar Fund, a venture firm led by women of color.

Jon Gosier, founder and CEO of Southbox Entertainment, has made an investment in WOCstar Fund, a venture firm led by women of color. No financial terms were disclosed.


NEW YORK, Feb. 9, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — WOCstar Fund, a women of color-led venture capital fund, has today announced that Jon Gosier, named one of the 25 most influential African-Americans in Technology by Business Insider has invested in the WOCstar Fund. WOCstar Fund continues to establish itself as a leader for investing in Media, Consumption and Tech Innovation by Black and BILPOC Founders. This latest major investor to invest in the WOCstar Fund will also serve in an advisory capacity.

Jon Gosier, has spent the past decade or so juggling the dual role of investor and entrepreneur building tech companies to acquisition with a particular focus on data and analytics. He is the producer of several films and a published author. He is now applying the tolerance for risk he learned as a tech founder and the expertise he gained as a venture capitalist to the world of media,entertainment, and innovation via his firms, Film Hedge, Southbox Entertainment and now the WOCstar Fund.

“The WOCstar team has a clear sightline to where the next market leaders in innovation are, what they are building, and more importantly where capital should be deployed,” said Jon Gosier, Founder and CEO Southbox Entertainment. “I’m honored and excited to be invested in the fund and part of the WOCstar family.”

Led by a team of seasoned entrepreneurs, investors and finance professionals, including founding partners, Gayle Jennings-O’Byrne and Pialy Aditya, the WOCstar Fund has invested in several media and data companies. The WOCstar Fund is actively investing and seeing a number of high potential, high growth innovative tech companies led by diverse and inclusive founders. In addition, the Fund is onboarding investors ranging from individuals and family offices to funds and institutions.

“Our investment strategy to invest in the best, most promising areas of media, data/ai, consumption with the added advantage of diverse founders is proving out everyday,” said Gayle Jennings-O’Byrne, Co-Founder of the WOCstar Fund. “Bringing on-board, major and strategic investors like Jon Gosier, is validation of the value a fund like WOCstar has for individuals, family offices and institutions looking for investment opportunities and expertise in new areas of the innovation, tech startup economy.”

About WOCstar Fund
The WOCstar Fund is an early stage venture fund that is changing the trajectory for investors and entrepreneurs by focusing on tech innovation being brought to market by inclusive teams and women of color (“WOCstars”). We are builder capitalists at heart who love building to success and impact along with our WOCstar family of investors and allies. The WOCstar Team is actively investing in companies that redefine how the global society will consume with media, data, content, retail, finances and work and learn. We invest in rockstars…. Women of Color (WOC) Tech startups! Learn more at www.wocstar.com.