2006 Data: Top VC Deals

Official 2006 venture capital data will be coming later this month, but I’m impatient by nature (just ask US Air, which forced me to wait four extra days before flying to Costa Rica, because a self-important gate attendant who thought I had tampered with my passport).

Anyway, I’ve tabulated the 15 companies that raised the most venture capital last year. It should be noted that some purists might reject at least five of the deals: Both Cortina Systems and Demand Media will use most of their VC booty for acquisitions instead of more organic growth. Also, there are three transactions — Cilion, Biofuel Energy and Plastic Logic — that could be considered more project finance than venture capital. But that is why these are the unofficial numbers…

The largest VC recipient last year was Seattle-based WiMax company Clearwire, which scored more than $1 billion in equity funding from firms like Intel Capital and Motorola Ventures. The rest of the Top 10 includes Demand Media, Cilion, Amp’d Mobile, Cortina, Limelight Networks, Currrent Communications Group, Biofuel, Bloom Energy and ITA Software.

The entire chart — including investor information and company descriptions — can be read here: 2006 Top 15.xls