Ilos Video raises $1.5 mln of seed capital

Ilos Videos said it raised $1.5 million of seed funding. The Minnesota company did not disclose its investors, but said it will use the money to develop its video recording platform.


ilos Videos Raises $1.5 million in Funding to Help Businesses Communicate Faster

– ilos Videos has secured $1.5 million in seed funding to help develop its video recording product for businesses, so that they can communicate with clients faster

St. Paul, MN – ilos Videos is pleased to announce that it has secured $1.5 million in seed funding. The team, based in Minnesota, will use the money to boost its video recording platform, helping businesses to communicate faster than before.

ilos allows businesses to communicate with customers and team members by instantly recording and sharing videos. This effectively brings video creation – a powerful means of communication – up to speed with other communication methods. ilos has already secured partnerships with companies including Freshdesk and, with more businesses queuing up to get involved.

“Our platform takes the video process and condenses it into one step,” says ilos co-founder and CEO Nick Stokman. “This takes a powerful way of communicating and makes it fast and usable, helping teams answer questions in support, customer success, or get the point across faster in sales and training.”

By 2018, video will count for 80% of all internet traffic. Millennials – people born between 1980 and the year 2000 – are now entering the workforce in droves, and will make up 75% of workers over the next 10 years. Yet while managers continue to hand them PDF files to communicate information, Millennials are the generation that grew up with YouTube and other video platforms.

When the team at ilos were closing their first round of funding, they were forced from their office when their landlord decided he wanted to open an art gallery instead. Stokman, alongside Chief Technology Officer (CTO) Peter Fares and Head of Business Development Sean Higgins – with the rest of their 10-person team – were forced to finish the funding round from a local co-working space.

Customers are clamoring to recommend the service offered by ilos. Priyobrato Chatterjee, Head of Integrations at Freshdesk says, “We are very excited about the Freshdesk ilos integration. It simply takes customer agent interactions to new levels of productivity.”

“We are seeing a massive trend in learning via YouTube,” Stokman continues. “People are now getting used to the sense of absorbing knowledge via video, which is changing the way that people learn things that were previously only taught by text.”

ilos Videos is a Minnesota based company with a team assembled from all over the United States. Founded by CEO Nick Stokman, Chief Technology Officer (CTO) Peter Fares, and Head of Business Development Sean Higgins, ilos is a cloud-based platform that helps record and share videos.