CRV leads funding round for global travel site Roam

New York-based Roam, which operates a network of communal living spaces for worldwide travelers, has raised $3.3 million in a seed-stage funding round led by CRV. Also participating in the round are Collaborative Fund, NextView, Corigin and angel investors Eric Wahlforss (founder of SoundCloud), Anthemis Group Chairman Sean Park and Teleport CEO Sten Tamkivi.



New investment to enable expansion of new locations and develop community platform

New York, New York — Today, Roam (, the international network of interchangeable, design-led communal living spaces announced $3.3M in seed funding. The round was led by CRV with additional participation from Collaborative Fund, NextView, Corigin and angel investors such as SoundCloud founder, Eric Wahlforss, Chairman of Anthemis Group, Sean Park and CEO of Teleport, Sten Tamkivi. The capital will be used to expand the team, open new locations and further develop Roam’s online platform, allowing members to manage their lease and connect with the global community.

Founded by Bruno Haid in 2015, Roam manages a distributed network of communal living spaces that allow the modern traveler to forgo traditional rigid leases for the flexibility of signing one weekly lease to live all over the world. Roam is spearheading the future of travel and living, providing design-led, community-driven living for the modern global citizen.

“Roam is creating a way for people to live according to their interests and curiosities, rather than around the traditional 30-year fixed rate mortgage,” says Bruno Haid, co-founder of Roam. “We’re grateful to have found investors who truly understand the cultural and economic context of why now is the right time. We couldn’t have hoped for a better team.”

Currently, customers pay USD $500 per week for access to three locations around the world, including Ubud, Miami and Madrid. Roam is looking to expand, with new locations opening in Buenos Aires and London in 2016.

“As early stage investors, we look for passionate entrepreneurs who are solving big problems, often by inventing entirely new realities for people to experience,” said Annie Kadavy, lead investor from CRV. “Roam has tremendous potential to innovate in global housing at a time when local infrastructure is limiting the evolution of housing and a generation of people are seeking global experiences more than ever before.”

A sense of community and close ties to local community is developed at all Roam locations through organized activities and events, local language classes and a strong support network of local creatives and professionals. Roam supports a rich and diverse community, and longer-term stays are prioritized. The company takes the guesswork out of living abroad, providing a pain-free way to live internationally.

Private suites with bathrooms are booked on a week-by-week basis, and each facility includes built-in co-working spaces, lightning-fast Wi-Fi, laundry facilities, internationally compatible electrical outlets, a commercial grade shared kitchen and access to on-site locally operated coffee shops, bars or restaurants. Most locations have a shared pool, media room, library, event spaces, breakaway communal spaces and phone booths. All private ensuite bedrooms are fully furnished, with Tuft & Needle mattresses and bedding by Parachute in some locations.

About Roam

Roam is an international network of well-designed communal living spaces with locations in Miami, Ubud and Madrid. Roam fosters strong communities within each location, allowing global citizens to pay one lease to live all around the world. Roam was launched in 2015 by Bruno Haid and has raised $3.3M explicitly, with plans to expand to 8-10 locations by 2017.