LookingGlass Cyber Solutions takes in $50 mln, also buys Cyveillance

Arlington, Virginia-based LookingGlass Cyber Solutions, a cyber security solutions provider, has raised $50 million in Series C funding. NewSpring Capital led the round. Also, LookingGlass has acquired Cyveillance, a cyber security company. No financial terms were disclosed.


ARLINGTON, Va.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–LookingGlass Cyber Solutions™, the leader in threat intelligence driven security and dynamic threat defense, today announced its acquisition of Cyveillance, a leader in open-source threat intelligence (OSINT), along with a $50 million round of Series C financing led by NewSpring Capital (NewSpring). This strategic acquisition solidifies LookingGlass’ ability to deliver the most advanced and comprehensive threat intelligence driven solutions from a single company, enabling security teams to have the best ability to find and mitigate threats using threat, Internet and customized intelligence. The transaction, which closed on December 11, 2015, caps off a record year following the company’s $20 million Series B Funding and earlier acquisitions of CloudShield and Kleissner & Associates.

“Our acquisition of Cyveillance further advances our corporate strategy of delivering the most comprehensive threat intelligence capability in the market. The addition of Cyveillance allows LookingGlass to expand our coverage across the risk landscape helping security teams stay ahead of threats in an efficient and effective way,” said Chris Coleman, CEO of LookingGlass.

External, internal and physical threats pose substantial risks to an organization’s intellectual property, revenue, brand, reputation, customer and partner data. The magnitude of available threat data makes it extremely difficult to create meaningful, actionable threat intelligence.

The combination of LookingGlass’ proven suite of threat and Internet intelligence driven solutions with Cyveillance’s customer-specific customized solutions focused on unstructured and open source intelligence enables broad visibility and unparalleled understanding of risks and threats across the entire Internet to help clients take swift, confident action on prioritized, relevant threats.

“LookingGlass’ product suite addresses every stage of the threat intelligence lifecycle, providing an outstanding breadth of data, actionable insights and automated responses,” said Glenn Rieger, NewSpring General Partner. “Chris Coleman has recruited an exceptional team with extensive cyber and network security experience and we look forward to working together.”

In addition to supporting the acquisition of Cyveillance, capital from the transaction will be used to fund further growth initiatives including product development, further product integration, international expansion, sales, marketing and customer support. ARC Securities advised LookingGlass on the acquisition and capital raise. In addition to NewSpring Capital, LookingGlass investors include Alsop Louie Partners and the Neuberger Berman Group.

The combination of LookingGlass, CloudShield, Kleissner and Associates, and now Cyveillance extend the LookingGlass vision of delivering unparalleled threat intelligence driven security solutions that enable the most effective and efficient security operations.

About Cyveillance
Founded in 1997, Cyveillance delivers an open source intelligence-led approach to security through continuous, comprehensive monitoring and analysis of millions of online data sources to protect client information, infrastructure, and employees from physical and online threats. The Cyveillance Cyber Threat Center, a cloud-based platform, combines web search, social media monitoring, underground channel information, and global intelligence with investigative tools and databases of threat actors, domain names and IP data, phishing activity, and malware to help identify risks and threats to every aspect of a business. For more information, visit www.Cyveillance.com.

About LookingGlass Cyber Solutions
LookingGlass Cyber Solutions is the leader in threat intelligence driven solutions and dynamic threat defense. Uniquely architected to discover, understand, manage and mitigate threats, LookingGlass solutions deliver the most extensive sources of threat data available out of the box. This data is gathered, ingested, aggregated, normalized, enriched and analyzed to create threat intelligence. It is then layered on top of continuous monitoring and assessment of global Internet intelligence risks and activity for the ultimate threat visibility and understanding. LookingGlass dynamic threat defense includes intelligence-driven network and DNS defenses. LookingGlass empowers customers to confidently enable effective security decisions and efficient security operations throughout the threat lifecycle. For more information, visit www.LGScout.com.