Package and delivery mailbox startup uCella grabs $1 mln

uCella, a smart technology package and delivery mailbox service, has raised $1 million in funding. The investors were not named.


SAN FRANCISCO, 2016 – uCella today announced $1M in investor funding to develop the world’s first smart technology package and delivery mailbox service. This technology allows users to easily receive, return, track and manage all online orders, easily managed from any location through the uCella app.
uCella provides customers with a military grade tamper and weather resistant expandable container, which is installed outside residences and businesses. The Wi-Fi connected box syncs with users’ email accounts to pull the delivery tracking number. Delivery services then scan the barcode of the product, which contains this tracking code, in order to unlock the box, and then safely store the package for customer collection.

uCella’s proprietary technology tracks all online purchases and records the real-time location and status of deliveries, which is then communicated to the user through the uCella app notifications. In order to collect their delivery, users unlock the box by scanning the Master QR code, straight from the uCella app.
The app also gives users access to retailer return policies and customer support networks. Users can then schedule return pickups – alerting the carrier’s system through their API, giving instructions on how to unlock the box. Moreover, a voice messaging system within the box allows carriers to record messages with the tap of button – sent straight to the user in the uCella app.

uCella is currently offering an Early Bird special for a limited time – for $129.

The U.S. Postal Service has estimated that between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Eve 15.5 billion cards, letters, flats and packages will be sent. Lost package statistics are hard to come by, as they are by nature difficult to record. However, the USPS counts Undeliverable-As-Addressed (UAA) statistics, which corresponds to 4.3% of mail in 2014. Projecting this as a bare minimum, over the holiday season we can expect that 66 million pieces of Christmas post will not make it to the their destination.
uCella have solved this problem for the consumer, eliminating the inefficiency and wasted resource for retailers and delivery carriers alike.

The combination of hardware and smart technology from uCella is unparalleled. Amazon lockers are a start, but a solution for a mass audience that connects users and delivery carriers has yet to surface. The package delivery giants at United Parcel Service (UPS) have theorized a technology similar to the uCella offering, but have still to provide an available solution for consumer-use.

“E-Commerce is a great tool for flexible online shopping, but in so many instances companies fall at the last hurdle and consumers are left disappointed,” says uCella creator and co-founder Shuai Jiang. “Through combining elegantly designed and protective hardware with smart technology, we have a solution to guarantee your parcels will not be lost, stolen or missed.”

uCella is working to develop partnerships with delivery companies and online retailers, enabling a range of convenient features for streamlined product delivery and return. uCella is providing customers with the assurance that they will receive their purchases, free from hassle, just in time for the holiday boom.

“Today’s technology strives to give improved consumer experiences and efficiencies, in a busy world. Harnessing these capabilities means we can ensure harmony in each step of the consumer purchase chain, improving the shopping experience for all.”

About uCella
The founders of uCella first came together while studying in the MBA program at UC Berkeley’s Haas School of Business. In 2014 they incubated a concept to ensure the effective tracking and protection of purchases, as e-Commerce online shoppers increasingly opt for the flexibility of online shopping.
Consumers can use uCella’s proprietary technology to track and protect their purchases and returns, straight from their mobile devices, delivering a secure solution that is essential for today’s dynamic lifestyle.