A sampling of food investments

Venture firms have invested in a range of food and food-safety related startups in recent months. Here are some of the companies that have received funded:


Location: Livermore, Calif.

What it does: Offers technology that delivers measured concentrations of gaseous ozone into the air for use as a disinfectant in storage rooms. The gas kills pathogens and controls cross-contamination from food and airborne microorganisms.

Funding: $20.6 million in six funding rounds since late 2004. Its latest round, which closed in November, totaled $7 million, led by Chrysalix Engery and joined by Foundation Capital and Grauer Capital.

Food Quality Sensor International

Location: Lexington, Mass.

What it does: Makes an electronic gadget that measure levels of food-borne bacteria that cause spoilage in meat and poultry.

Funding: $2.1 million in the last three years in three funding rounds led by Navigator Technology Ventures.

Innovative Biosensors

Location: College Park, Md.

What it does: Makes technologies for detecting pathogens, with applications in food testing, animal health and health care.

Funding: About $10 million in four funding rounds. The latest round, for $3.9 million, closed in November, with backers including CFN Investments, Chart Venture Partners and Harbert Venture Partners.

Blue Horizon Organic Seafood

Location: Aptos, Calif.

What it does: Sells organically farmed seafood, along with sustainably harvested fish and shellfish. Products include farmed shrimp from the north coast of Ecuador, Alaskan salmon and organic cocktail sauce.

Funding: Raised $1 million in early stage funding in December from Denver’s Greenmont Capital Partners.

Big Sky Farms

Location: Humboldt, Saskatchewan

What it does: Company bills itself as a “leader in efficient production of pork in a socially responsible manner.” It produces about 1 million pigs a year, a vast number considering the entire province of Saskatchewan has fewer than 1 million human inhabitants, according to Ulrich Felbermayr, senior investment manager with Saskatoon-based Golden Opportunities Fund.

Funding: Raised $10 million in December from two regional venture groups, including Golden Opportunities Fund. —Joanna Glasner