Alex Osadzinski –

VCJ Fact Sheet for Alex Osadzinski

Born: 1958 in London.

Education: Dulwich College; Bristol University

Career Path: Alex is a venture partner with Trinity Ventures. He began his career in the UK, at two software startups, was AT&T’s European Sales Manager for its UNIX products and then started and managed Sun’s marketing function in Europe. He held a number of management positions at Sun in the US, including VP Markets & Product Strategy. He also held general management positions at Grass Valley Group (Tektronix) and Be. More recently, he was VP Marketing at Vitria Technology and CEO of Katmango.

Venture Focus: Enterprise systems, software and communications

Greatest Accomplishment: Surviving, and I hope, helping the success of, six start-ups, and emerging with my body and soul relatively intact.

Biggest Mistake: Being too tolerant of poor performers.

If you weren?t a VC, you?d be a? If I had to work, CEO of a software start-up. If I didn’t have to work, a pilot (private or otherwise).

Pet Peeve:: People who rattle off their phone numbers too fast when they leave a voicemail message.

Did You Know? Nobody ever guesses that English wasn’t my first language.

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