Amp’d Loses VC Directors

Amp’d Mobile should be in the midst of its first bankruptcy hearing right now, so let’s take a moment to clear up an outstanding issue. In its initial report on the company’s bankruptcy filing, MocoNews mentioned that two of the company’s investor board members had resigned. But it didn’t provide any specific information.

Now it seems we have IDs: Jon Auerbach of Highland Capital Partners and Allen Beasley of Redpoint Ventures. Neither Auerbach nor Beasley would comment on their status at Amp’d — or on Amp’d in general — but each has removed mention of the company from their online bios. The new bios are here and here, whereas the old ones (with Amp’d) are here and here. In fact, Highland has gone so far as to remove Amp’d from its online list of portfolio companies. Redpoint still had it in there, as of this writing.

Highland and Redpoint were two of the initial investors in Amp’d, along with Columbia Capital. Matt Newton, a partner with Columbia, is still on the Amp’d board.