An Entrepreneur’s Take on Government –

An Entrepreneur’s Take on Government

As an entrepreneur, Mark Warner says he brings new ideas to the state capitol. Here are a few:

* Compensate educators competitively

* Reward good teachers with a stock-option plan

* Expand in-state scholarship opportunities

* Lay fiber-optic conduit under every new road

* Provide incentives for knowledge-based companies to locate in rural Virginia

* Have two of the top-40 nationwide research universities

* Improve vocational education to attract skilled jobs

* Incorporate career development at every level, K-12

* Appoint industry advisory panels to consult the state on training skilled workers

* Promote global trade in Virginia’s agricultural products

* Establish a Web site to introduce aspiring farmers to retiring farmers with nobody to carry on their operation

* Remove disincentives for disabled people to work

* Audit the state’s tourism board

* Use technology to deliver state services more efficiently