Editor’s Letter: Join VCJ at PartnerConnect East, our networking conference in Boston

Years ago, I read a LinkedIn article that urged people to attend conferences, even if the topics were not in their career wheelhouse. The idea was that opening your mind to new possibilities is beneficial, you can learn something and you can meet people you never would’ve met otherwise.

I feel that way when I go to venture-related events.

I go to a lot of conferences, meetups, dinners and other events. As such, I started attending SF MusicTech years ago, and last year I participated, interviewing GGV Capital‘s Hany Nada in a fireside chat. That was one of the most enjoyable on-stage interviews I’ve ever done.

I hope to replicate that experience in spades in Boston. On April 4-6, the editors of VCJ, Buyouts and PE Hub are coming together for our annual PartnerConnect conference, in which we’re gathering hundreds of LPs, GPs, bankers and entrepreneurs for high-level discussions on multiple issues facing investors today. And we’re inviting you to join us.

As part of the conference, VCJ Senior Editor Mark Boslet and I will moderate panels and hold one-on-one chats during the Venture Alpha East portion of the PartnerConnect conference.

I attend and participate in conferences for the networking opportunities, to meet people in the hallways or chit chat over a beverage. Sometimes, it’s the content that appeals to me, when a certain speaker or two catches my attention and I know I must listen to him or her.

Our Venture Alpha East conference has both: compelling content and great networking prospects.

This is our third time in Boston, but our first at the Hyatt Regency Boston in downtown. Our lineup of VC speakers — Andrew Adams, John Backus, Jeff Bussgang, Maria Cirino, Chris Douvos, Paul Hsiao, Paul Martino, Charlie O’Donnell, Tige Savage, Ravi Viswanathan and Paul Willard, to name a few — is a long list of insightful people.

The Venture Alpha East event should be a terrific forum to discuss the changing venture landscape, concerns about valuations, issues for emerging managers, outlook on the market, and how to build and scale successful companies in this environment.

If you’re reading this online, the speaker slots are filled, but we would love to have you register and join us and take part in the event.

If you’re at the conference, then you’re reading VCJ magazine now.

If so, come find me. Tell me what you think of our production, the content and the people you meet. Let me know what you would like to see at our future conferences.

And of course, if you have time, let’s grab a coffee and talk about what trends you’re seeing.

Thanks. I hope to see you there.

Action Item: check out the agenda of our next Venture Alpha East conference at: https://partnerconnectevents.com/

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