Appedo raises $1 mln

Appedo said Wednesday it raised a $1 million seed round. Investors were not disclosed. San Francisco-based Appedo provides apm and predictive software analytics.


SAN FRANCISCO, March 11, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — Appedo, a leading provider of apm and predictive software analytics, today announced $1 million in financing that will fund further product development and expand the company’s international presence.
Appedo was founded in 2014 to provide intelligent application performance management (APM), predictive and self-healing analytics solutions to businesses of all sizes through a software-as-a-service and private cloud offering. Appedo currently helps customers large and small drive actionable insights in real time to drive ROI for operations, engineering, marketing and business teams.
APM platforms struggle to provide unified platforms that deliver on on a complete APM solution that address the needs of complex distributed apps and agile IT Ops / DevOps. Teams continue to struggle in identify issues, effectively testing their software and quickly understanding where to invest resources
“Not only do we provide an integrated APM solution that delivers on all performance monitoring and testing services,” said Neil Popli, Appedo founder and CEO. “This funding will help us establish a global presence, continue building a presence among large enterprises and be the first to deliver on real-time, self learning, predictive and mitigation analytics solutions to automate data-driven business decisions.”
Appedo plans on changing the Analytics game by not only providing a solution that can meet the needs of today’s agile organizations across all business functions (engineering, marketing and operations) but also leverages self learning and predictive analytics to provide real time and automated self healing and mitigation solutions.
Company Metrics:
• In December 2014, introduced Appedo APM, a real-time analytics platform that collects, stores and presents valuable data directly from complex software and distributed systems to deliver insights about applications, customers and business performance. Offered as a cloud-based software-as-a-service (SaaS) offering and as a private cloud solution, Appedo allows customers to dissect millions of data points for performance and business insights in real time.
• Appedo sees 200% month over month growth.
• Appedo expects increase users by 500% by Q3
• Appedo has 25 employees in Silicon Valley and India. Plans to double by Q3.
• In May 2015, Appedo will deliver the first real-time, self learning, predictive and mitigating analytics solutions for enterprise software.
About Appedo
Appedo helps you go beyond APM to optimize your complex consumer and enterprise software applications in real-time. Appedo collects millions of data points from your applications and infrastructure to give you real-time analytics and actionable intelligence that allows you to maximize your ROI while improving user experience. Appedo is a cloud based (SaaS or private cloud) integrated platform that provides business analytics, performance insights, user analytics and mitigation tools for you to respond at the speed of business. With integrated service orchestration, mitigation tools and comprehensive and customizable dashboards, you get unique visibility into your applications and business. Learn more at