San Diego

Went public 7/28/2000 at $18 per share

Filing Range: 6 mil. shares @ $15 to $17

Shares Outstanding: 21 mil. shares

Underwriters: ING Barings/Prudential Vector Healthcare/

SG Cowen

Company Counsel: Morgan Lewis & Bockius

Manager Counsel: Winthrop Stimson Putnam & Roberts

Auditor: Ernst & Young LLP

The Company:

Develops receptor-based biochemichal assays that are used to discover small molecule therapeutics. “CART” technology allows cell-surface receptors to be screened against chemical libraries. CART technology is geared toward the G protein-coupled receptor class and identifies compounds having improved therapeutic utility at known receptors.

Venture Backers:

MPM Asset Management LLC

Financing Rounds:

Number of Round Amt.

Round # Round Date Stage Investors ($ thousands)

1 01/29/1999 8 Later Stage 17000.0

2 04/27/2000 2 Expansion 9659.0


(Data in $ millions)



Total Revenues: $0.1

Net Income: -10.2