Alpharetta, Ga.

Went public 8/9/2000 at $9 per share

Filing Range: 6 mil. shares @ $11 to $13

Shares Outstanding: 22.9 mil. shares

Underwriters: Chase H&Q/Robertson Stephens & Co./ Adams Harkness & Hill

Inc./A.G. Edwards & Sons Inc.

Company Counsel: Long Aldridge & Norman LLP

Manager Counsel: Brown & Wood

Auditor: Ernst & Young LLP

The Company:

Owns and operates a biopharmaceutical company with a technology platform based on the identification of regulatory signals that control the expression of critical genes involved in inflammatory diseases such as atherosclerosis and proliferative diseases such as cancer. The company has developed small-molecule compounds termed vascular protectants, or v-protectants. These v-protectants target regulatory pathways and have established therapeutic efficacy in preclinical models for atherosclerosis and hypercholesterolemia.

Venture Backers:

William Blair Venture Partners

Alliance Technology Ventures

Domain Associates LLC

Sprout Group

Cordova Ventures

LiveOak Equity Partners

New York Life Venture Capital Group

Community Technology Fund

SENMED Medical Ventures

Pacific Horizon Ventures LLC

Intelligent Systems Corp.

Sanderling Ventures

DLJ Capital

Financing Rounds:

Number of Round Amt.

Round # Round Date Stage Investors ($ thousands)

1 08/01/1996 4 Early Stage 5600.0

2 08/24/1998 10 Later Stage 6000.0

3 04/13/1999 18 Expansion 22389.3

4 08/23/1999 13 Expansion 19988.0

5 03/09/2000 1 Expansion 100.0


(Data in $ millions)



Total Revenues: $5.8

Net Income: -6.0