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There’s an old joke in the trucking business: Everything on the planet, other than babies, is delivered by truck. It’s a cute way of saying that trucks are essential to our day to day lives. And without them the whole global economy would probably come apart. In fact, trucking is one of the biggest industries […]
It seems not a month goes by without news of the latest food-related outbreak, whether it’s romaine lettuce contaminated with the E. coli bacteria or packaged chicken infected with salmonella. Food safety is a growing problem, sickening millions and costing businesses billions of dollars in damages. In the U.S. alone, 48 million people are stricken […]
The hardest thing about college isn’t getting in. It’s choosing the right one. Most high school students have no idea which schools fit them best, and few people are around to help them figure it out. For every guidance counselor in the U.S., there are 491 students, the American School Counselor Association reports. “There is no […]
You able to leap tall buildings in a single bound? Not yet. But lifting a 250-pound crate in a warehouse? No problem. Innovations in robotic exoskeleton technology are enabling everyday people to perform superhuman feats of strength and could soon transform the way many of us work, play and live our lives. Already, exoskeletons are […]
In 2016, for the very first time, more American women gave birth in their 30s than in their 20s, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports. Clearly, one of the most beneficial changes in our society is a woman’s ability to choose for herself whether, when and how she will have children. But nature still […]
In-home fitness conjures images of broken-down BowFlex machines, long-abandoned NordicTrack rowers and embarrassing Zumba videos. But a growing number of startups are jumping on the opportunity to revolutionize the at-home workout, and in the process make the local gym a thing of the past. Peloton started the trend several years back with its high-tech indoor bike, […]
Furniture has long been one of the biggest pain points in the home. It’s expensive, it’s a hassle to move around, and it’s hard to shop for because you never know how it’s going to look in your home. Now, a new line of tech-enabled furniture startups is attempting to solve all these problems and […]
Artificial intelligence, one of the most intriguing technologies of the 21st century, has the power to reshape the way people live, work and play. It also has the power to fundamentally change the way companies do business — and one of the first places it’s having impact is in sales. AI can free salespeople from busy […]
Esports is crushing it. Global revenue for the sector will grow 38 percent to $906 million in 2018 and then could more than double to $2.4 billion by 2020, market researcher Newzoo estimates. Viewership is also accelerating at G-force pace. Goldman Sachs predicts esports viewership will soon pass that of Major League Baseball and the National Hockey […]
Business travel is a massive market, with $1.2 trillion spent globally every year, according to the Global Business Travel Association. Yet many companies still use outdated technology, and in some cases actual humans, to book travel for their employees. Booking any trip online can be complex, but booking a business trip online is more so, […]

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