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Bill Myers has been a journalist for more than two decades in Chicago, Cambodia and Washington, DC. He started his career at the late, great City News Bureau of Chicago (motto: "If your mother says she loves you—check it out.")
US Capitol tax reform
Earlier efforts to reform carried interest taxation had stalled, before US Senator Joe Manchin announced on Wednesday that he and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer had worked out a deal.
SEC commissioner Caroline Crenshaw
"I’m not sure we need regulation to help facilitate more capital going to unicorns and other large private companies – they seem to be doing fine on their own,” said SEC commissioner Caroline Crenshaw.
Council of Institutional Investors, which represents 140 of the largest public and union pension funds, asks SEC to "consider improving the final rule by requiring that private fund advisors provide pro-rata fee and expense reporting at the LP level upon request of the LP.”
Will a new rulemaking proposal from the SEC slow down the use of blank-check companies, which raised a record $162.5bn through 613 IPOs last year?
whisper, secret, insider trading, pssst
Judge blesses ‘unique’ theory, gives regulators room to broaden the definition of insider trading.
The SEC said Alumni ran afoul of the advertising rule by promising that its management fees were the 'industry standard 2-and-20.'
The Biden administration’s sanctions on Russian dictator Vladimir Putin and his associates are narrow, but their implications for venture capital managers are broad.
Chris Hayes, ILPA’s top lobbyist, is leaving. ILPA has already chosen a replacement.
The SEC's take on cryptocurrency is of particular interest to venture capital firms, which have reportedly invested nearly $40 billion in crypto-related companies in the past 10 years.
The entire industry is caught up in 'sea change' proposal.

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