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Barack Obama and Brad Pitt Cousins? It’s True, says Forbes

In a look at the impressive growth of, a genealogy Web site that lets users construct family trees and scour digital family history documents that many of its hundreds of employees have scanned — Forbes reporter Rebecca Buckman turns up at least ten bizarre family connections between celebrities and, in some cases, politicians.

Turns out, for example, that W and Dick Cheney are ninth cousins, once removed. Meanwhile, Princess Diana and Sarah Palin share the same ninth great grandfather, Englishman John Strong, born in 1604. Perhaps even more extraordinarily, Palin and Franklin Delano Roosevelt are distant cousins. is owned by the Provo, Utah-based company Generations Network, which is itself owned in large part by Spectrum Equity Investors, a Valley buyout firm that took a majority stake in the company in 2007 for $300 million.

For a slideshow of these curious family ties (including the seventh cousin, three times removed, of Brit Brit) click here.