Becker Takes Over SVB’s VC Practice –

MENLO PARK, Calif. – Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) in January transferred Gregory Becker to its Sand Hill Road office to replace Mike Weeks as head of the bank’s venture capital practice.

Mr. Becker, a SVB senior vice president formerly based in Boulder, Colo., has experience working with venture capitalists, having referred deals to Colorado VCs and introduced chief financial officer candidates to venture firms’ portfolio companies. Such referrals are a key part of SVB’s dealings with venture capitalists, in addition to handling their banking needs, Mr. Becker said.

Mr. Becker began his tenure with SVP in 1993 in its Palo Alto office, working on the bank’s direct lending to technology and life sciences companies. His primary focus was in the software industry. Prior to that, he worked in lending at Comerica Bank in San Jose, Calif.

Mr. Becker is replacing Mr.Weeks, a senior vice president at SVB, who in January joined US Trust Co. of New York as a senior vice president. Mr. Weeks will be based in Silicon Valley and San Francisco with the bank’s strategic trading division, which handles distribution and trading of securities for venture firms and their limited partners.

Mr. Weeks had been with SVB for three years and spent 11 years working in the venture leasing business, first with Equitec, now known as Pacific Venture Finance, and then with Phoenix Growth Capital.

Mr. Weeks sees his new position as an “opportunity to work in the securities area,” where he had wanted to gain more expertise.