Bob Pavey –

VCJ Fact Sheet for Bob Pavey

Born: June 16, 1942 in Dayton, Ohio.

Education: B.S. in Physics from The College of William and Mary; M.S. in Metallurgy from Columbia University; MBA from Harvard Business School.

Career Path:Bob Pavey is a general partner with Morgenthaler. He joined the firm in 1969 after serving as Project Manager at Foseco Inc., a venture-backed specialty chemicals company in Cleveland, Ohio.

Venture Focus: Communications

Investments: EndWave, Entivity, FiberStreet, Ignis Optics, LightChip, Lightwave Microsystems, New Focus, Paratek Microwave, Tachion, Apple Computer, Applied Intelligent Systems, Aptis Communications, Atria Software, BlueGill Technologies, Gliatech, Illustra Information Technologies, Manufacturing Data Systems, NBX, Structural Dynamics Research Corporation, Synernetics, and Synopsys.

Other affiliations: Bob is currently a Trustee of The Common Fund. He is a past President and Chairman of the National Venture Capital Association, a past President of the Cleveland Center for Economic Education and past Chairman of the Investment Committee for the Endowment Association of the College of William and Mary.

Personal: Comes from a family of dentists (brother, father and grandfather)

Greatest Accomplishment: Helping to build one of the highest quality firms in the VC industry.

Biggest Mistake: Not selling all my public stock in the fall of 2000.

If you weren’t a VC, you’d be? Unemployed.

Pet Peeve: The general belief that the successful business people have to be immoral – or at least amoral.

Did You Know? Learned about venture capital from my grandfather (not the dentist), who was the foremost authority on nuts in Green County, Ohio. Nut trees, that is.

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