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Boundless Life lands $2m in Idea Fund-led seed funding

Montreal-based Boundless Life, a provider of designed communities for digital nomad families, has raised $2 million in seed financing.

Montreal-based Boundless Life, a provider of designed communities for digital nomad families, has raised $2 million in seed financing. The round was led by Idea Fund Partners, with participation from Anges Québec, Avalanche VC, CUBD Ventures, Massive BC, GV Angels and others. Boundless Life has also received scout cheques from Lightspeed and Sequoia.


Today Boundless Life announced that they have secured $2M USD in funding from a combination of venture capitalists (VCs), angel investors and syndicates. Funds raised will be used for key hires and opening the first four locations of the startup’s thoughtfully designed and full-service communities in beautiful destinations around the world. At each location, slow traveling, digital nomad families can develop connections, work remotely, and be culturally immersed while their children pursue their studies via an internationally acclaimed education program.

The company just opened their first location in January in the culturally rich and artistically renowned town of Sintra, Portugal with 30 turn-key homes and a fully booked first, second, and third cohort of families. Residences are located in the center of the historical town, 5-15 minutes walking distance from all community amenities including the co-working hub, education center, and recreational spaces. The Boundless Life team removes many of the risks associated with uprooting one’s family, by assisting with securing visas, health insurance, and planning programming to foster a sense of community.

IDEA Fund Partners, a North Carolina-based investment firm, is the primary investor. Also among those backing the project are Anges Quebec, Avalanche VC, CUBD Ventures, Massive BC, GV Angels, several founding families, and value-added investors in real estate and education from Europe, North America, South America, and Asia. Boundless Life has also received scout cheques from Lightspeed and Sequoia.

“When we started the fundraising process, our goal was to raise from investors that were aligned with our values and that believed in our vision of creating more fulfilling lives for families,” said Mauro Repacci, Co-Founder and CEO of Boundless Life. “We couldn’t be happier with the amazing group of 30+ investors that joined this round which includes VCs, angels and customers from all parts of the world. They are supporting our mission not only with capital, but also expertise to improve our offering and connections to help us expand across the world.”

The educational offering is what sets Boundless Life apart in the digital nomad space. A Nordic Baccalaureate program inspired by the Finnish school system allows digital nomad families with school-aged children ages 1-12 to participate. Through experiential, personalized, purposeful, and nature-based learning, Boundless Life is revolutionizing how children learn and consequently molding a generation that will have a positive impact on humanity by combining future-ready education with traveling and cultural immersion. The curriculum follows children where they go. So if a family moves to another Boundless Life destination, the child may join a new cohort and learn new skills adapted to their age.

“As remote work has exploded, several companies have looked at creating experiences for singles but no one was addressing the complexities of being a digitally nomadic family,” said Christopher Langford, Partner at IDEA Fund Partners. “By combining a world-class education platform with concierge-level service to help navigate everything from visas to healthcare to social activities, Boundless is the first company to empower families to live a more culturally-rich and community-centric lifestyle throughout the world. We couldn’t be more proud to be a small part of what they are building.”

“Our investment team really fell in love with the Boundless life project,” said Rachel Viens, VC associate at Anges Québec. “The business is disruptive but anchored in a real challenge family faces when they seek out a nomad life. We were comforted with Mauro Repacci and Marco Carvalhos’ serial entrepreneurs background and so were our angel investors. We can’t wait to see Boundless life’s community grow!”

With the intention of facilitating a mindful and well-balanced lifestyle, destinations are chosen based on leading scientific research into the habits of people inhabiting regions of the planet with the highest longevity. Upcoming Boundless destinations include Spain, Greece, Morocco, Italy, Costa Rica and Bali. In order to slow travel across the world with Boundless Life, families must first join the waitlist which can be located on the official website.

“We’re thrilled to see the reaction of most investors when presented with the opportunity to back the company,” said Marcos Carvalho, Co-Founder, and Head of Demand Generation at Boundless Life. “Many told us that they would totally use a service like Boundless Life and that the timing is perfect for such a venture. Our team is looking forward to expanding this lifestyle worldwide with their support.”

About Boundless Life
Boundless empowers families to have more fulfilling lives, by designing a lifestyle enabling balance, growth, and deeper connections with ourselves, our families, nature, and the world. They provide a network of thoughtfully designed communities in beautiful destinations around the world where families can develop connections, work remotely, and be culturally immersed while children benefit from a forward-thinking and transformational education system.

About IDEA Fund Partners
As one of the oldest and most active early-stage investment firms in the Southeast, IDEA Fund Partners’ investment philosophy has been honed from years of experience. They fund entrepreneurs who are applying technology and business model innovations to industries in the earliest stages of digital disruption with an emphasis on underserved people, places and stages.

About Anges Québec
Thanks to the strength and diversity of its network, Anges Québec strategically accompanies angel investors and passionate and innovative entrepreneurs in their international ambitions. Founded in 2008, Anges Québec has over 230 members who have so far invested over $130 million in more than 160 Quebec high growth potential companies, positioning itself as a leader in the Québec venture capital industry.