Calm Company Fund unveils $10m fund

Earnest Capital has rebranded as Calm Company Fund and is launching a $10 million fund.

Earnest Capital has rebranded as Calm Company Fund and is launching a $10 million fund. The firm’s third fund will focus on software businesses.


MIAMI, June 22, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — In a step that reflects the ethos and evolution of the firm, Earnest Capital announced its rebrand to Calm Company Fund, effective today, June 22, 2021. Along with the name change, the company is announcing plans to launch Fund 3, a $10M subscription-based fund focused on investing in profitable software businesses. On the heels of its recent $2M crowdfund, their new tagline “Built for Builders” carries the firm’s mission to maximize the number of successful internet entrepreneurs in the world through capital, mentorship, and community. Today, Calm Company Fund is introducing a new logo, as well as a redesigned website at

“We’re changing our name to reflect a new kind of a startup capital, calm funds, that are aligned with the overwhelming majority of entrepreneurs who want to build sustainable profitable long-term focused businesses,” said Tyler Tringas, Founder and General Partner of Calm Company Fund. “As more and more entrepreneurs are focused on technology and tech-enabled opportunities, we believe that traditional venture capital, seeking hyper-growth or nothing, is not the right option for tens of thousands of new businesses every year. These founders need capital, mentorship, and community that is aligned with the way they want to run their business.”

Fund 3, a $10M subscription-based fund, will launch July 1, 2021. Utilizing a one-year rolling fund structure, that they created in-house, Fund 3 will be comparable in size to a $30M-$50M traditional venture fund being deployed over the course of three to five years. Calm Company Fund’s model allows investors the predictability and flexibility of an annual subscription.

The company is also raising up to $2M for its management company via a Regulation CF crowdfunding campaign on WeFunder, opening its doors to unaccredited investors, many of them valued-aligned founders.

Allison Eposito Medina, Founder of Tech Ladies and lead investor for the campaign, said “Calm Company Fund is being strategic about the largely untapped market of funding entrepreneurs who are focused on profitability from day one, and building calm, super-focused companies. These founders have traditionally been overlooked but represent a huge opportunity to grow the next generation of companies that have both staying power and ability to grow on their own terms for years to come.”

Since launching Fund 1 in 2019, Calm Company Fund has invested in over 40 companies, seen strong portfolio value increase and celebrated two exits––Makerpad to Zapier and EnjoyHQ to UserZoom.

Calm Company Fund has prioritized innovations on the entire fund experience, including building a founder-aligned financing instrument called the Shared Earnings Agreement (SEAL), engaging investors at every level as one of the first funds to launch a Reg CF crowdfund, and creating Mastermind Sprints, a community-led program to help founders build sustainable companies and achieve their goals with peer accountability. Calm Company Fund commits to continuous reinvention what it means to invest and be invested.

About Calm Company Fund LLC
Founded in 2019, Calm Company Fund is an early-stage investor in software and software-enabled companies. The company is a team of founders, bootstrappers, and makers focused on funding entrepreneurs who want to build sustainable, profitable businesses. Calm Company Fund created the Shared Earnings Agreement (SEAL) transparently in public for more founder-aligned terms on which to build business. Since its launch, Calm Company Fund has invested in 40+ startups with two portfolio exits.