CCTV Wireless Stays Below Radar

CCTV has emerged as the latest wireless lovechild of Columbia Capital and Highland Capital Partners, with just over $70 million in Series A funding. Other participants included Telcom Ventures and Sopris Partners.

If you haven’t yet heard of CCTV – or the funding round – that’s probably because neither Columbia nor Highland is willing to talk about it yet, or even list it on their websites. And the larger Internet isn’t much help either. We do learn that the company won a March FCC auction for a bunch of 1.4 GHz licenses east of the Mississippi (or right on it, if you include St. Louis), which is what around $64 million of its Series A funding went toward. But that’s where the trail runs cold – except for a closed circuit security company called Adome International that uses, but I’ll assume Adome has little need for high-speed wireless spectrum.

The company also doesn’t seem to have any operating executives. A regulation D filings lists only two executives: Matt Newton of Columbia Capital and Serge Martin of Telcom Ventures. You’d assume there are more, but again we run into that “no comment” problem…

For quick context, Columbia and Highland have become serious partners in the wireless infrastructure space. They are both early backers of cellular tower companies like Optasite and Tri-Star Investors, plus consumer-facing mobile virtual network operator Amp’d Mobile. Columbia also has gone solo on a pair of spectrum acquisition platforms — TX-11 Acquisition LLC and WCS Wireless LLC – and a number of related deals with other VC firms, including WNP Communications, Mobile Satellite Ventures and Neo World Inc.

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