Cloud Meetup is a Coming

The fall is my favorite time of the year.

My birthday is coming, the leaves are changing, everything feels great and looks nice.

Great time to be a sports fan, too. Hockey and football are just getting started and it’s time for playoff baseball, although the post season doesn’t happen too often around here in Northern California.

For VCJ, this fall is also going to be a busy time of the year.

As I’ve told you before, on Oct. 20, the editorial team of VCJ is hosting a conference event, called Venture Alpha, here in San Francisco to bring together GPs and LPs for a candid discussion and networking event to discuss successful strategies in the venture business. We have about three dozen speakers and panelists lined up and if you’re in the VC ecosystem you won’t want to miss this event.

For more info, go here:

Meanwhile, I’m hosting a separate event later this month. And if you’re into cloud technology or are interested in cloud startups (and who isn’t these days?), then you’re going to want to hear more about my Cloud Influencers Meetup.

VCJ is working with RightVentures to host a cloud meetup event on Sept. 29 in San Francisco. Already, I have a great mix of VCs, startup entrepreneurs and others in the community registered to attend the fun event, which will take place at one of the coolest, new co-working spaces in San Francisco. It’s certain to be an informative gathering of people.

It is also the first ever VCJ networking event I’ve ever been a part of or that has ever taken place, as far as I know.

I’ve kicked around the idea of hosting a VCJ meetup event for readers for some time. It’s part of what I feel a magazine should be all about: a bringing together of a community of people who share a common interest. In this case, you, the VCJ readers, live and breathe the startup community and VC industry. And I consider it important that you and I, and dozens of our closest friends and like-minded investors and entrepreneurs, get together while we hear from compelling speakers and network over drinks.

If you’re interested in attending the Cloud Influencers Meetup, drop me a line. I would love to have you join us. Be sure to dress up and smile. I will have a photographer there.

And if you happen to be in the San Francisco Bay Area, I’m happy to meet you for coffee beforehand to talk more about possible future meetups.