Correction: Crotty Won’t Be GP in Battery’s 10th Fund

UPDATE: Just heard back from Battery and was told that Tom Crotty will in fact continue as the firm’s “managing GP” in its ninth fund, and that he will start to step back with fund X — not fund IX, as we previously reported. The firm declined to say when it would start raising fund IX or give an approximate time line for when fund X would get raised. 

ORIGINAL POST: Longtime Battery Ventures General Partner Tom Crotty won’t be a GP in the firm’s 10th ninth fund, according to my colleague David Toll, who spoke to Crotty at the NVCA annual meeting. Crotty also said that Battery’s next fund will likely be the same size as its current fund—a $750 million core fund and a $250 million sidecar, Toll reports.

No additional details at this point, such as what Crotty has planned for life after Battery or when the Boston-based firm will go back to the fund-raising market. It would appear that Battery doesn’t need to hurry, since it raised its core fund VIII in 2007 and fund VIII sidecar in 2008, according to Thomson Reuters.

Crotty, 51, joined Boston-based Battery in 1989 and is “responsible for managing all investment and operational aspects of the firm,” according the firm’s website.

The website notes that Crotty’s “primary focus has been on the communications and e-commerce sectors, with investments including @stake Inc. (acquired by Symantec), Advanced Computer Communications (acquired by Newbridge Networks), Amber Wave Systems (acquired by U.S. Robotics), AnswerSoft (acquired by Davox), CipherTrust (acquired by Secure Computing), FaxSav Inc. (Nasdaq: FAXX), FORE Systems (Nasdaq: FORE), Primary Rate Inc. (acquired by Xircom), Radnet Ltd. (acquired by Siemens) and Witness Systems (Nasdaq: WITS).”

Crotty got his start as a VC in 1986 at Abacus Ventures, which focused on communications investments. Prior to that, he held positions IBM’s mainframe and minicomputer business, where he worked since 1980.