DotNetNuke Buys SnowCovered

DotNetNuke, a Seattle-based developer of an open-source application framework for the Microsoft tech platform, has acquired SnowCovered, an online marketplace for DotNetNuke modules, skins, services and related product. No financial terms were disclosed. DotNetNuke has raised around $6 million in VC funding from August Capital and Sierra Ventures.


DotNetNuke Corp. ( the most widely adopted framework for building web sites and web applications on Microsoft .NET., today announced the acquisition of Snowcovered, the premier online market for DotNetNuke modules, skins, services and related products. The union will create closer ties between the DotNetNuke platform and the Snowcovered online library of third party extensions which will enrich the DotNetNuke ecosystem and provide substantial business opportunities for independent software vendors and the users they serve.

News Highlights

  • The union between Snowcovered and DotNetNuke Corp. benefits the DotNetNuke commercial ecosystem by increasing access to a robust marketplace where users can access over 6,000 DotNetNuke framework extensions available for success. Snowcovered has successfully established substantial monthly web traffic to its site, driving demand for DotNetNuke modules and skins and providing DotNetNuke software ISVs with visibility and business opportunities.
  • As a subsidiary of DotNetNuke Corp., the Snowcovered business model will remain the same, allowing independent software vendors to post, sell, and support their software extensions online.
  • Snowcovered founder and CEO, Brice Snow, will take on the role of Business Advisor at DotNetNuke and will remain a steward of the Snowcovered marketplace initiatives, in addition to advising DotNetNuke Corp. on additional business opportunities.
  • DotNetNuke will gradually phase out the DotNetNuke Marketplace over the next few months. Current DotNetNuke Marketplace vendors can create a Snowcovered account and move their offerings to Snowcovered during the transition period.
  • DotNetNuke Corp. has been an effective steward for the DotNetNuke open source project and helped drive the growth of the DotNetNuke platform and ecosystem which currently consists of more than 700,000 members.


Navin Nagiah, President and CEO of DotNetNuke Corp.:
“Bringing Snowcovered into the DotNetNuke Corp. fold is a strategic move that will provide new opportunities to increase the value provided by both the DotNetNuke platform and the Snowcovered marketplace. This alignment will help increase the market reach of module and skin vendors. It will also make a wider variety of modules and skins more accessible to our user base.”

Brice Snow, Founder and CEO, Snowcovered:
“I’m confident that combining the thriving Snowcovered marketplace with the vibrant DotNetNuke platform will enrich the DotNetNuke ecosystem. I look forward to rolling up my sleeves as a member of the DotNetNuke Corp. team and continuing my deep involvement with the DotNetNuke commercial ecosystem.”



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DotNetNuke Corp. is the steward of the DotNetNuke open source project, the most widely adopted web content management system (CMS) and application development framework for building web sites and web applications on Microsoft .NET. Organizations use DotNetNuke to quickly develop and deploy interactive and dynamic web sites, intranets, extranets and web applications. The DotNetNuke framework is available in both a free Community and a subscription based Professional Edition. DotNetNuke Corp. also operates the DotNetNuke Marketplace and Snowcovered where users purchase third party software modules and skins. Founded in 2006 and funded by Sierra Ventures and August Capital, DotNetNuke Corp. is headquartered in San Mateo, Calif. For additional information, visit (