Draper Throws Down Some Rap in CultureLick Debut

If you woke up this morning itching to see Tim Draper do some rapping, I’ve got the video for you. Of course, if you woke up itching to see Tim Draper do some rapping, you might need something more than just a video…

The Silicon Valley venture capitalist has teamed up with area artist Drue Kataoka and the First Lady of Facebook, Randi Zuckerberg, to perform some hardcore rapping and dancing to launch the inaugural episode of a new Web show called CultureLick.

The music video, a parody of Shakira’s “Hips Don’t Lie” is meant to be a petition for net neutrality. Called “Bits Don’t Lie,” the video includes endorsements from Tim’s dad Bill Draper (from Draper Richards), Ashu Garg (Foundation Capital) and Rob Solomon (Technology Crossover Ventures).

Kataoka and her newlywed husband, Svetlozar Kazanjiev, co-wrote the lyrics, which features such lines as: “This makes a woman want to speak PHP.” Kazanjiev also appears as a zombie in the video with David Weekly (PBWorks and Hacker Dojo) and Ben Hsu.

Kataoka told me that she wants the show to cover culture and technology and be both serious and light-hearted. Next week, CultureLick plans to release a new video.

“You never know when a VC rapper will get thrown into the mix,” she says.