Draper Unleashes His ‘RiskMaster’ Ditty at WTIA Conference

There are certain things you can count on from Tim Draper. The tie for one.

And chances are good that he’ll break out into song. Specifically, he’ll gladly sing his RiskMaster song, a tribute to entrepreneurship.

That’s what Draper did today at the WTIA Fast Pitch Forum in Seattle. You can see the video below.

No one in the crowd took out their cigarette lighters or their cell phones and lit them up in tribute as Draper took a break from his keynote speech to perform while the words of the RiskMaster flashed across the screen.

You can see how nonplussed the crowd was at around the 1:20 mark of the video. But they do come around and sing and cheer to Draper’s anthem at the end of the 4:40-long performance.

If you can’t get enough of the song, John Cook in Seattle posted a link to see more of these clips at various tech events. The writer of the song, by the way, is no mystery. It’s Don Henley.