Our outlook for 2016 is positive

In the late 1990s, when I was a reporter for the San Jose Business Journal, my alma mater San Jose State University asked me to come and talk to a group of journalism students of how I got into the biz.

I gladly went and told the students what drew me to the college and how I envisioned my future in journalism. They asked me a ton of questions, including my outlook on the industry, such as whether online news reporting would replace print copy. I told them that probably my next job would be at an online-only publisher and that likely none of them would ever work for a print publisher.

They were surprised!

More than 16 years later, I don’t blame them for thinking I was nuts. OK, so I was a little brash and pre-mature in my prediction that print was dead.

The world is full of online-only news sites and there are plenty of digital tech pubs. But I know many people who still subscribe to the daily newspaper and look forward to walking down their driveway each morning to pick it up.

Truth be told, after the Business Journal, I worked for a few other print publishers before landing at Venture Capital Journal, which has now had three owners during my time here and continues to publish a semi-glossy magazine every month.

That’s not to say we ignore our online presence. Like most print publishers, we are straddling the two universes and post many of our stories online first at www.vcjnews.com.

We also consider ourselves active participants in online discussions. VCJ Senior Editor Mark Boslet and I are constantly tweeting, he at @mgboz and I can be found at @agoldfisher. We’re also active on LinkedIn and you can find me on a dozen or so other social media sites.

Meanwhile, we’re excited about hosting at least two venture conferences for GPs and LPs in the next 12 months. Check out our PartnerConnect website for more info.

Mark and I are also happy to have coffee and meet up with anyone who wants to get together and talk about great ideas and what’s happening in the venture community.

There’s a lot of uncertainty in the world right now, and the broader VC community is not immune. We also have heard from a great many of you regarding corrections in the industry, whether they will be small or major. Some of you think we’re headed for a downright recession.

Whatever takes places in 2016, we hope to hear from you at VCJ, and we look forward to engaging with our readers and the VC community, both online and in print, in 2016 and beyond.


Photo illustration from Shutterstock.