EDT Partners recruits Greenberg as venture partner

EDT Partners, a consulting firm focused on the business of education, has hired Alan Greenberg as a venture partner.

EDT Partners, a consulting firm focused on the business of education, has hired Alan Greenberg as a venture partner. Greenberg is the former head of Apple Higher Education EMEA and the ex-director of Apple Education Asia.


EDT Partners has hired Alan Greenberg as a Venture Partner. As a Venture Partner Greenberg brings both years of experience and a wealth of expertise about the education sector at large to the existing international consulting team.
Greenberg has prior experience working at Apple Inc. as the Head of Apple Higher Education EMEA, before becoming the Director of Apple Education Asia. During his time there he led the team that built Education Podcasting, project managed the launch of iTunes U throughout the UK, Europe then China, and worked on the development of Apple Education mobile strategy, and iOS Education APPs. Alan developed the SEED CSR project in China, a collaboration between Apple, Foxconn and Pearson.

Alan’s experience and portfolio includes companies located in London, Amsterdam, Berlin, Madrid, Dubai, Beijing, and New York. He contributes across multiple disciplines including; venture capital and fundraising for early stage technology companies, and international scale-up of education businesses. He is also member of the Advisory Board of 8GT Fund, and 8GT Partner, as well as being Advisor/Mentor at HenkelX, CogX, Telefonica WAYRA, and Founders Forum, London. Alan is also a fellow at the Royal Society of Arts in London.

Greenberg says, “Excited to be joining the team at EDT Partners. The opportunity to both scale up and consolidate my consultancy practise makes a great deal of sense at this tipping point of innovation, the challenges around distributed networks, and in building sustainability in education technologies, globally. The EDT Partners and consulting structure around the world help us to coordinate and support our clients in this objective.”

According to Pablo Langa, Managing Director, “We’ve known Alan for a number of years and while we have collaborated informally before, we could not be more excited to welcome him as an official member of the team. It is one more milestone in our road to establish ourselves as the reference firm in the global education consulting space.”

EDT Partners is a global, purpose-driven consulting firm dedicated to the business of education. EDT helps edtech firms, publishers, NGOs, universities, and governments accelerate innovation pipelines, grow sustainably into new territories and consolidate plans for organic and inorganic expansion. EDT currently has presence in the USA, Mexico, UK, Spain, Singapore and China.