EqualLogic Empty Nest

Here’s an interesting side-note to Dell’s agreement to acquire storage company EqualLogic for $1.4 billion: Two of EqualLogic’s venture capitalists are no longer venture capitalists.

The first is Chris Baldwin, who originally met some of the EqualLogic founders while an engineer with Digital Equipment Corp. back in the 1980s. He was with Charles River Ventures by the time EqualLogic was founded in 2001, and led the Series A round for CRV (the round also included sigma Partners). Baldwin continues to represent CRV on certain boards, but is not a partner on the firm’s recently-raised twelfth fund. Instead, he plans to either launch or join a startup in an operational role (unless the EqualLogic exit prompts some “can’t refuse” VC offer…).

The second is Elliot Swan, who led EqualLogic’s second round in 2003 for TD Capital Ventures (now Fairhaven Capital). He left the firm in 2005, and now serves as director of technology licensing for Raytheon Corp.