Ex-eHarmony CEO Joins Accel As CEO-In-Residence

Greg Waldorf left his role as eHarmony chief executive in a sudden departure two weeks ago. Just as suddenly, he reappeared at Accel Partners.

The venture firm announced Monday Waldorf will become its CEO-in-residence, working with its portfolio companies and brainstorming new business ideas that might receive Accel funding.

He said in an interview he has a self-imposed 6 to 12 month deadline to come up with a new idea.

Rumors have swirled for years for years that match-making site eHarmony was preparing to go public. Some claimed Waldorf’s departure this January might pave the way. But such a move is unclear.

Waldorf told Bloomberg in an interview last summer that eHarmony now has $250 million in annual revenue. So it is big enough. But he said the company needed to get an appropriate growth strategy in place and deliver a service people want to buy before launching an IPO. eHarmony looks at the option of going public all the time, he said

In any event now with Accel, Waldorf says he is most excited by next generation business-to-consumer ecommerce sites that use social components or a freemium business model.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise he joined Accel. Partner Sameer Gandhi invested in eHarmony when he worked at Sequoia Capital.