Following are some of SpaceVest portfolio companies: –

Analytical Graphics Inc. (Malvern, Pa.) supplies commercial off-the-shelf software solutions for the space industry eliminating the time, cost and risk associated with custom software development.

There were no co-investors.

ArcSecond Inc. (Sterling, Va.) provides laser-based, 3-D position determination and measurement systems.

Co-investors include CDP Sofinov.

AssureSat Inc. (El Segundo, Calif.) operates back-up services for the geostationary satellites of global telecommunications operators.

Co-investors include Securitas Capital and Ampersand Ventures LLC.

Astrovision International Inc. (North Potomac, Md.) is a global media company creating the first commercial geostationary Earth observation system to provide weather, national event and Earth-viewing content.

Co-investors include CDP Sofinov.

CodeStream Technologies Corp. (Richardson, Texas) provides commercial communications equipment based on code-division-multiple-access (CDMA) optical technologies.

Co-investors include Kline Hawkes California SBIC LP, Capital Communications CDPQ Inc. and Seattle-CTC Investment Partnership.

Cronos Integrated Microsystems Inc. (Research Triangle Park, N.C.) produces microelectrical mechanical systems (MEMS) for optical electronic and fluidic switching applications.

Co-investors include Intel Corp. and Knickerbocker Capital LLC.

Midas Vision Systems Inc. (Wrentham, Mass.) leverages patented algorithms for image analysis to address high density interconnect (HDI) electronic inspection applications on an in-line basis.

Co-investors include Hudson Venture Partners LP, Blue Rock Capital LP and Mid-Atlantic Venture Fund III LP. (New York) is a space-related web site, featuring news, information, education, entertainment, science fiction and games.

Co-investors include Venrock Associates, Greylock IX LP, NBC-Holdings Inc., PaineWebber Capital Inc. and Blue Chip Capital Fund III LP.

Vbrick Systems Inc. (Wallingford, Conn.) provides communications equipment that allows the delivery of high-quality video over broadband digital networking infrastructure.

Co-investors include Adams Capital Management LP, Gateway Partners LP, Knickerbocker Capital LLC, Graystone Venture Fund LP and Claflin Capital VII LP.

Woodwind Communications Inc. (Germantown, Md.) sells integrated access devices (IADs) which enable voice and data over broadband.

Co-investors include Novak Biddle Venture Partners II LP, Sterling Venture Partners LP, Boulder Ventures III LP and Alta California Partners II LP.

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