Former Sequoia investor Mark Stevens banned from Warriors games

The other big loser at the Golden State Warriors game Wednesday night – the “Dubs” lost badly to the Toronto Raptors, which took a 2-1 game lead in the Championship Finals – was former Sequoia Capital investor Mark Stevens.

Stevens was ejected from the game and drew a ban and a fine from the National Basketball Association after pushing Kyle Lowry when the Toronto guard when into the stands. Lowry had tried to save a ball from going out of bounds in the fourth quarter and crashed into the courtside seats near Stevens.

Stevens, a minority owner of the Warriors, has been fined $500,000 and banned for one year, reported Yahoo Sports.

The Associated Press reported Steven also cursed at Lowry.

The NBA described Stevens’ conduct as “beyond unacceptable.”

Stevens was with Sequoia for more than 22 years and left in 2012 as a managing partner. He remains a special limited partner and is presently a managing partner at his family office, S-Cubed Capital. He also serves on the boards of Nvidia, Quantenna, Innovium and Second Spectrum.

The Warriors issued a separate statement saying that Stevens’ “behavior last night did not reflect the high standards that we hope to exemplify as an organization.” It continued: “there is no place for such interaction between fans – or anyone – and players at an NBA game.”