French emerging biotech company Core Biogenesis scores $10.5m Series A

XAnge led the round.

  • Other investors included Blue Horizon Ventures and Thia Ventures
  • The funds will be used to build an industrial facility for growth factors and cytokines as well as for personnel hiring
  • Core Biogenesis was founded in May 2020

Core Biogenesis, a French emerging biotech company with a novel plant-based bioproduction platform, has raised $10.5 million in Series A funding. XAnge led the round with participation from other investors that included Blue Horizon Ventures and Thia Ventures.

The funds will be used to build out an industrial scale facility dedicated to producing growth factors and cytokines for the burgeoning cell therapy market and cellular agriculture industry, and to hire additional scientific and technical staff to support the expansion.

“Our patent-pending protein expression platform is a powerful tool for producing highly bioactive compounds in a completely animal-free and antibiotic-free manner,” said CEO and co-founder Alexandre Reeber, in a statement. “We achieve high yield while eliminating the biosafety risk of endotoxin, virus, and prion contamination seen with current mammalian and microbial expression platforms. After harvest, our downstream process is a simple three-step operation that achieves incredibly high purity.”

Founded in May 2020 by Dr. Chouaib Meziadi and Alexandre Reeber, Core Biogenesis employs a novel green bioproduction platform to express recombinant proteins from plants.
In December 2020, the startup raised €2.6 million in seed financing from XAnge, Entrepreneur First, Plug and Play and several Business Angels. In March 2022 it completed a second round of €10M in Series A from XAnge, Blue Horizon Ventures, Entrepreneur First and Business Angels.