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French start-up CloudScreener nets 600K euros

Paris-based CloudScreener, which measures products from cloud providers, has received 600,000 thousand euros in seed funding. The investors were not named.


Paris, December 11, 2014 – CloudScreener, the independent leader in comparing cloud providers’ prices and performances, has closed a €600,000 seed round with support from several angel investors based in Europe. The next phase in CloudScreener’s development will include an improved product offering and a greater industrialization of its product portfolio in key markets, such as North America.

Helping companies make the right choice in the complex cloud ecosystem

Global spending in public cloud services is rising sharply, with companies spending $56 billion dollars this year, and climbing to $127 billion by 2018, a growth of over 20% per year[1]. This backdrop explains why companies planning their cloud investments are in need of reliable data as they navigate a sea of players and service offerings.

In order to provide support with these important decisions, CloudScreener has worked since 2012 to create a unique platform able to compare various cloud offerings. This benchmarking tool is fully independent and objective and, as such, is well positioned to provide accurate and reliable market data. CloudScreener’s mission is to help private and public enterprises choose which cloud infrastructure best serves the needs of their applications, provide strong expertise on performance measurement and valuable estimates of the total cost for each project.

“In this jungle of complex and rapidly evolving technologies, CloudScreener is developing critical tools to help organizations choose a cloud provider in a fully transparent process. We’ve seen that companies have a strong need for exhaustive and impartial analysis of public and private cloud performance measurement, and that is exactly what we provide,” said Anthony Sollinger, co-founder and CEO of CloudScreener.

The demand for CloudScreener’s tools is validated by the company’s extraordinary growth. Its online comparison engine is already available in 150 countries with over 100,000 benchmarks to date. The company is proud to have become a reference for global cloud analysis across the world.

Added Sollinger, “Today we are offering several solutions to our clients in France and internationally, and we will use today’s investment round to continue to expand in new markets. We can grow at an even faster speed with a reinforced technical and R&D team. We are proud to have the trust of our investors, whom are also experts in the field and believe in our project and support us at the strategic level.”

The company has completed its first seed investment round with support from several European private angel investors from within the IT and digital business sectors.

About CloudScreener
CloudScreener was founded in 2012 as an independent company, dedicated to the measurement of products from cloud providers giving actable insights management and performance of public and private clouds. Based in Paris, CloudScreener provides support to French and global clients by gaining an understanding of the challenges and needs of each organization. CloudScreener offers unique expertise through an exhaustive analysis of the global cloud offerings. Over 150 countries around the world already use its online platform.