Friday Letter: How VC is stepping forward on diversity

Our debut Women of Influence in Private Markets list, which recognizes trailblazing women in venture capital and other alternative assets, takes a deep dive into DE&I recruiting and the current state of gender diversity in VC.

This week, we rolled out our inaugural Women of Influence in Private Markets, produced in conjunction with our affiliate titles Infrastructure Investor, Private Debt Investor, Private Equity International and PERE.

Culled from a list of 680 nominations, the list celebrates 60 trailblazing women across our various alternative asset classes.

Complete coverage is available on our Women in Private Funds page.

The special section includes a list of 10 influential women of VC, based on nominations we received in March and April. The final 10 from the venture community are a diverse group from various geographies and kinds of firms. A sampling of their efforts includes successfully fundraising, launching a mentoring program, expanding their firm’s footprint geographically and helping start one of the few women-backed and women-funded SPACs.

Along with that list, we present stories on diversity and what steps firms can take to increase gender diversity. In addition, we examine the data and see what’s changed, or not changed, when it comes to female check writers at large VC firms

The top 10 Women of Influence in VC are not just influential; they are also slightly unheralded and deserve more recognition.

We believe their stories are worth telling.

We hope you enjoy this coverage. We imagine the women featured here will drive the VC community to new heights in the years to come, and we look forward to poring over next year’s nominees.

Let me know what you think of these and our other stories. You can drop me a note at