From the Editor: A Look Back

Year in review in February? Let me explain. We considered doing a special section in the December issue just like all the newsstand magazines. But we decided against it because we didn’t have final year-end fund-raising and disbursement numbers from Venture Economics. Those figures weren’t available until Jan. 23. Knowing that the vast majority of our readers keep VCJ on the shelf as a handy reference, we decided to hold off so that we could give you a complete overview of 2003 in one issue. That’s what you now hold in your hands.

Take a look at the Year in Review section and let me know what you think. Is there something you particularly like or hate? Did we (heaven forbid) forget to include something?

We did our best to cover all the bases. In addition to Q4 and year-end fund-raising and disbursement data, you’ll find complete coverage of all the venture-backed IPOs for the year; the Top 10 most active venture firms and their deals; the Top 10 deals of 03; a time line of the year’s key events; a section on the venture capitalists and others who made news; several pages listing all of your colleagues who changed jobs and where they are now; and a tribute to those who passed away.

Finally, Dan Primack did a great job of recapping the year and making sense of it all. Dan has a way of turning a phrase, and he delivers once again in the cover story.

Lawrence Aragon