Goodcall rallies $4m seed

Goodcall, a conversational AI platform for local restaurants, shops and merchants, has raised $4 million in seed funding.

Goodcall, a conversational AI platform for local restaurants, shops and merchants, has raised $4 million in seed funding. The investors included Neo, Foothill Ventures, Merus Capital, Xoogler Ventures, Verissimo Ventures and VSC Ventures.


Cupertino, Calif. (Sept. 1, 2021) – Goodcall™ launched its conversational AI platform for local restaurants, shops, and merchants across the U.S. today. Goodcall’s platform provides a free, 24-7 conversational AI phone assistant for local businesses that can be installed in minutes. The company is debuting with a unique partnership with Yelp, the company that connects people with great local businesses, to simplify the often-complex task of creating and managing conversational AI technology. The collaboration enables Goodcall’s platform to seamlessly integrate with Yelp’s industry-leading trusted data, allowing local business owners and managers to set up their Goodcall conversational AI phone assistant easily and quickly.

“When local merchants recover, our country recovers. For restaurants, boutiques, and local merchants to fully overcome the impacts of the pandemic, they need a solution that helps them produce, sell and serve more customers,” said Bob Summers, Goodcall founder and former Google executive. “Goodcall helps by managing all incoming phone opportunities so business owners can focus on their talent, craft and service. For example, Goodcall’s conversational AI platform allows business owners and managers to provide up-to-date Covid-19 related policies that they may or may not have adopted, so customers are proactively informed.”

“Goodcall has created a solution that alleviates a pain point for local businesses who struggle to answer and manage calls,” said David McKie, Yelp’s vice president, business development and data licensing. “Setting up an AI voice assistant may sound complicated, but with the integration with Yelp, business owners can easily leverage the trusted information on their Yelp page to set up a Goodcall assistant quickly and accurately.”

Goodcall’s conversational AI assistant helps businesses overcome difficulties handling inbound calls by providing a reliable, affordable, and constantly improving phone call management solution that captures new customers and lost revenue associated with a growing number of missed customer calls.

Conversational AI, Constantly Improving
Goodcall’s cloud-based conversational AI assistant is smart, intuitive and lives on a local phone number that is published to Yelp, Facebook, Wix, and Google My Business, assisting callers by asking: “How can I help you?” Goodcall’s assistant then replies based on the caller request and customizable configurations from the business owner or manager. The AI technology continually evolves to be more efficient and effective with every phone call it manages. The service is initially deployed in English with plans to operate in Spanish, French and Hindi by 2022.

Additional highlights of Goodcall’s Conversational AI:
24/7 Business Management: Goodcall operates as an answering service outside of business hours, collecting key info (name, contact method, call details), customized by the business owner
No Code, Quick Deploy Design: Goodcall’s no code design can take under one minute to deploy and seamlessly integrates with Yelp, Facebook, and Google to help any business with a phone number.
Maximize Labor & Revenue: Goodcall can manage product orders, table reservations, and appointment scheduling–all with no help from staff or waiting time for customers.
Spam & Scam Discouragement: Smart, conversational AI helps discourage spam callers, reducing wasted labor hours and fraud potential.
Customizable Voice AI: Choose from one of six virtual voices to manage orders and answer questions while alerting the business owner or manager of urgent matters.

Goodcall is launching with three options to support any business including a free option for solopreneurs and business owners, which includes up to 500 minutes per month of Goodcall services for a single phone line.

The company also announced today a $4 million funding seed round, led by strategic investors Neo, Foothill Ventures (early investor in Zoom), Merus Capital, Xoogler Ventures, Verissimo Ventures, VSC Ventures, Harry Hurst, founder/co-CEO of, Spencer Rascoff, co-founder of Zillow and other angels.

To learn more and start using Goodcall today, business owners of any size can visit:

About Goodcall
Founded in 2021 by CEO and former Google executive Bob Summers, Goodcall leverages its AI-empowered incoming phone call management platform to provide enterprise support for businesses of all sizes. Goodcall is a private company with seed capital investments from Neo, Foothill Ventures, Xoogler Ventures, Verissimo Ventures, VSC Ventures, and angel investors from former and current executives of Google, Yelp, and Zillow.