GSR Ventures Closes $133M Opportunities IV Fund

GSR Ventures said it closed its $133 million GSR Opportunities IV fund primarily created to permit existing LPs to invest in later-stage rounds of select GSR-backed companies. The fund creates an opportunity for investors in GSR’ first four venture funds.



Fund Provides GSR Limited Partners’ the Opportunity to Invest In Later-Stage Rounds of GSR Top-Performing Companies

BEIJING AND PALO ALTO, CA (May 31, 2012) — GSR Ventures, a premier early-stage venture capital firm, has closed GSR Opportunities IV, a fund primarily created for existing GSR limited partners interested in investing in later-stage financings in select GSR-backed companies. This fund was created to further enhance GSR limited partners’ returns.

The $133 million USD fund provides an opportunity for investors in GSR Ventures’ first four venture funds to invest additional capital in later financings of GSR’s top-performing portfolio companies. These top-performing companies are considered to be market leaders in multi-billion-dollar categories.

“Historically, eight-to-ten billion-dollar technology companies are created in China annually, and we believe that a number of them in the next few years will be in the GSR portfolio,” said Richard Lim, co-founder and managing director of GSR Ventures. “With this fund where we just made our second investment, we are affording our existing investors the additional opportunity to participate in the growth of our portfolio companies as they mature. We know some investors want this exposure, and so we are offering this unique investment vehicle,” Lim continued.

About GSR Ventures:
GSR Ventures is an early-stage venture capital firm focused on building world-class technology companies, mainly in China. The firm invests primarily in the Internet, wireless, green technology, and semiconductor sectors. GSR Ventures has more than 50 companies in its portfolio. Founded in 2004, GSR Ventures now has more than US $1 billion under management and offices in Beijing, Silicon Valley and Hong Kong. For more information, visit