Happy new year! Here’s a brief recap

It’s that time of year again when everyone returns to the office and checks a full inbox to catch up on emails. Here's what you may have missed as we wound down the year.

I was hoping to ease into the new year. But since I returned to the home office this week, I’ve caught up on the venture news I missed at the end of 2021. And there’s plenty to digest. I’ve been reading about Joe Lonsdale’s controversial tweets on Black culture and what former Twitter chief executive Jack Dorsey meant when he said that VCs and their LPs own web3.

Meanwhile, I’m looking over all the massive funds and calculating all the numbers for 2021. It was a record year for deployment, fundraising and exits. I’ll dive into those topics another day.

For now, I assume you’re catching up on emails. With that sentiment in mind, I want to point out what you may have missed at Venture Capital Journal.

To understand where we are headed, it’s important to look at where we’ve been. So we ended the year reviewing top and meaningful stories from 2021.

Here’s a recap of the recaps.

There were plenty of people moves, from VCs retiring to an LP joining a venture firm. Here are the most read people items from last year.

In recent years, ESG has become a more popular strategy, with venture firms and LPs looking for ways to capitalize on it. Here are five stories of how ESG had a starring role in venture in 2021.

It was a record year for fundraising. According to Silicon Valley Bank, fundraising records are likely to continue to be broken as VC becomes more mainstream. So true. Here’s the story.

Out most popular story last year was Rising Stars 2021. The 2022 version came out this week. Be sure to check out the 40 Rising Stars to tap into.

And here are our top 10 overall stories from 2021, based on page views.

Let me know what you thought of 2021 and what you’re looking forward to in 2022. You can ping me up at agoldfisher@buyoutsinsider.com.