Hello There, Handsome Devils

Happy New Year, peHUB readers!

As many of you know, I’ve been away on maternity leave over the last five months. It’s been joyously fulfilling, though I’m also very happy to be back at work, especially after the last couple of weeks. (I love the holidays, but let’s face it: when they involve small children, they age you. I’m still exhausted.)

I promised to give complete attention to my family over these last months, which means I’m a little behind on life in the Valley. I’ve taken notice of some of this fall’s biggest stories — Michael Arrington smacking down OfferPal for its shadier advertisements on social gaming platforms, the Canopy Financial debacle, etc. –but I’d love your help in getting caught up on what’s what. If you’re a VC or entrepreneur in the Bay Area and want to grab coffee or to just give me a call to discuss story ideas, trends, or, ahem, gossip, I’d love to hear from you at connie.loizos@thomsonreuters.com.

Much thanks, and here’s to a happy, prosperous, and action-packed 2010!