Hiring MBAs This Summer? Join Our Desperate Interns Drive

It’s the end of April, which means that a bunch of first-year MBA candidates are freaking out about not having summer internships lined up yet. But we’re here to help, with our annual Desperate Interns Drive.

This is a lot like the Internship Rodeo from November, except that it’s later in the game for both employers and employees. So if your firm or one of your portfolio companies is looking to hire summer interns from the current crop of first-year MBA candidates, please drop me a note at daniel.primack@thomsonreuters.com.

All postings will be put into peHUB’s password-protected MBA Forum section, and can include as much or little information as you’d like to provide. Minimums are firm type (VC, LBO, I-Bank, etc.) and job location. If you’d like to keep your firm identity anonymous, just be sure to let me know.

There is no fee for this service. For context, MBA Forum currently has over 2,000 verified members.

Addendum #1: If you are among the desperate MBAs, please do not email me your CV, photograph or any other such information. When the postings are ready, I’ll be sure to let you know (probably early next week).

Addendum #2:
The Desperate Interns Drive is only for summer internships. If you want to hire someone for a fulltime position, please use our Careers board. Postings cost just $99 each and can be purchased online with a credit card.