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Industrial 3D printing startup AON3D secures funding

Montreal-based AON3D, an industrial 3D printing startup, has raised an undisclosed amount of funding. The investor was Seed River.


Phoenix, AZ (September 12, 2018) – Building on a multi‐generational passion for entrepreneurial technology, Seed River investment firm announces a new strategic engagement with AON3D. Selected from over a half‐dozen candidates, AON3D is bringing economies and innovation to industrial 3D printing.

“We’re excited to engage with AON3D by providing strategic and financial resources,” said Jamil Nizam, Managing Director and Founder of Seed River. “Their unique blend of creativity and entrepreneurial thinking aligns with our investment goals of nurturing companies that can drive next‐level transformation.”

AON3D Co‐founder Randeep Singh described, “We’re pushing the boundaries on commercializing new materials for 3D printing with advanced thermoplastics. The great thing about 3D printing is that it enables innovative thinking in almost any industry—but at the same time it can be technically or financially unfeasible. At AON3D, our technology makes the process ten times more affordable. That means the resources and mentorship of Seed River will help accelerate and refine the process of getting this technology to the people who need it most.”

Nizam added, “We know it takes more than capital to grow an idea, which is why we consider the culture and spirit of applicant teams as well. We look forward to working closely with the AON3D team as we help support their long‐term growth initiatives.”

About Seed River
Seed River is an angel investment firm headquartered in Phoenix, AZ. With deep roots in the tech industry, we’re committed to supporting entrepreneurs developing transformative products and solutions. Our team combines experts, portfolio advisers, and mentors representing a significant range of financial, technical, and business experience. Seed River delivers a host of carefully curated, custom services and resources to ensure that transformative business moves are backed by intelligent decisions as well as capital. Our unique growth solutions for emerging enterprises focus on the key principles of disciplined growth and scale; limited dilution; no securitization or personal guarantees; and making strategic investments that are more impactful and accessible than traditional venture capital or bank secured investing.

About AON3D
Launched in 2015, AON3D is a rapidly growing startup on a mission to put industrial 3D printing capabilities into the hands of those who need it most. A graduate of Y‐Combinator and backed by top venture investors from Silicon Valley, the company’s technology has made it 10 times more affordable to 3D print with advanced thermoplastics and continues to push the boundaries on commercializing new materials for 3D printing.