Inside VCJ: Money, Money, Money –

As the saying goes…Money makes the world go round. That saying is especially true in the world of venture capital, where there are those that have it, those that want it, and those whose very future depends on getting their hands on it.

Last year, VCs raised and invested more money that ever before, and they would have had a fairly difficult time in doing so, if it were not for Limited Partners. The cover story this month, (page 36) by Associate Editor Alistair Christopher, discusses the relationship between Limited Partners who have money to invest – and General Partners – who need money to invest. It would seem to be a fairly simplistic relationship; however, things are not always as they appear. Our story delves beneath the surface to examine some of the factors and elements that bring LPs and GPs together, and why a solid relationship can sometimes be harder to find than the next big dotcom success.

While everyone will agree that there was no shortage of venture capital floating around last year, some can agree that not everyone received their fair share. In this month’s feature story, (page 40) we showcase some women-led or focused VC firms that are working to establish their own network to make sure women entrepreneurs get their fair share of VC funding.

Lastly, in this issue we take a look back to the first half of the year to see how venture-backed IPOs fared amid the public market vacillations.